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Who Are We

We are a well-established business with several teams and more than 500 installations to date. Our customers have the benefit of ongoing support for their system – be it for emergency services, maintenance, extensions or new requirements.

Company Culture

Four core values are at the heart of the company: Empathy, Originality, Integrity and Courage.
These four values are linked. As we look at our history, we see a story of how our core values work together and are the source of our success

MD of Solar-SA “Our values are fundamental to our success. They are the foundation of our company, define who we are and set us apart from the competition.
They underline our vision of the future, our business strategies and our decisions, actions and behaviors.



We pride ourselves to have very little turnover in staff which makes them some of the most experienced consultants and installers around. We offer ongoing training and knowledge transfer and we have seen and handled almost any possible scenario already.


Our philosophy is based on mutual respect, core value of integrity, self respect, continuous training and effective communication channels to ensure that a high standard of conduct is maintained.


We are committed to providing outstanding service to customers and recognize that this can only be achieved through a highly motivated and professional workforce.


Supply and Install Quality Products that can last “The Test of Time”, rapid growth of R & D, manufacturing, marketing as one of Africa’s finest Solar Solution providers at affordable prices.

Only a long lasting and high performance product will actually give you a return on your investment. We therefore carefully select our products and research new technologies to improve the return on investment of our customers.


Strict accordance with the standard system operation, product quality is stability and reliability.

Grid Tie Solutions

When talking about grid tied systems we connect your Photovoltaic Panels to your main electricity supply. Your consumption will first be fed from the Photovoltaic production and only if you use more you will import electricity from the main grid. If you do not use your Photovoltaic production the system will export the excess electricity into the main grid or stored in battery backup bank.

Municipalities have different ways of refunding you for exported electricity. Some do Net-Metering, where you simply reverse your electricity meter, others request that you install Smart-Meter and they will pay you less for the electricity you export than what you have to pay when you import.


Backup Systems

a Back-up system is a way to avoid load shedding. You store energy in batteries and use this energy when there is no power from the grid. The nice thing is that it kicks in instantly – so you won’t even know it is load shedding. However – you will have to decide what areas in your house you want to work during load shedding, i.e. your lights, your TV, Alarm, Microwave etc. Your selection will determine the price of your system. As more you have on your back-up, as more expensive the system becomes.

Back-up Systems can be installed with or without Solar Panels. If it is installed without Solar Panels, your batteries will be charged by the main grid when there is power and you use up what you have during load shedding. When installing a back-up system with Solar Panels, you can substantially extend your available capacity due to the production of the panels. You use what you produce, and what you need extra comes from the batteries.

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