PV Solar Panel Prices

Solar Panel Prices Edenvale
Solar Panel Prices Edenvale

Grid Tied Solar   Control your Utility Bill & save money

Hybrid Solar Systems  PV Solar and Battery Backup Solutions. Save money and have Backup when Utility is down

Off Grid  Need to be self sufficient, no power in the area or just not relying on the Utility Source. We have you covered .





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    Get off the grid Step-by-Step with SOLAR-SA

    Solar-SA specializes in helping residential, commercial and industrial clients to get off the grid step-by-step using our renewable energy solutions and expertise.
    Solar Panel Prices

    PV Solar Panel Prices

    SOLAR-SA Solutions has been in the solar energy industry for over 5 years and will continue to provide you with affordable solar panels for sale. Let us help you find the best solar panel price that matches your needs.

    How much you save on your bill will be dependent on the size of the solar panel system and your electricity or heat usage.

    Solar panels are made out of photovoltaic cells converting the sun’s energy into electricity. Simply put, a solar panel works by allowing photons, or particles of light, to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity.

    PV solar panels provide clean – green energy. When you buy a solar panel Using you will be able to start using solar energy with no harmful greenhouse gas emissions thus solar PV panels are environmentally friendly.

    South Africa’s Best PV Solar Panel Prices – Solar Panel Prices Edenvale

    Device Average Estimated Wattage (per hour) Size of Solar Power System
    Large LED/LCD Television 75Wh – 150Wh ~250W
    Laptop Charger 65Wh – 120Wh ~175W
    Fridge + Freezer Combo 250Wh – 600Wh ~400W – 750W
    20 x 4W LED Lights 20 x 4Wh = 80Wh ~120W
    Geyser 2.5kWh – 5kWh ~5kW – ~10 kW
    Oven + 2 Stove Plates turned on 1.5kWh – 3.5Wh ~2.5kW – 5kW
    9 Fin Oil Heater 2kWh – 3kWh ~3kW – 4kW
    Pool Pump 750Wh – 1.5kWh ~1kW – ~2kW
    Desktop Computer 150 – 350Wh ~250W – ~500W

    What is PV Solar?

    A photovoltaic ( PV ) power station, or rooftop PV system, is a photovoltaic (PV) system that has its electricity-generating via solar panels mounted on the rooftop of a residential or commercial building or structure. The Solar panels are exposed to sunlight / solar radiation and generate electricity which is called a photovoltaic effect. This solar power generated through the solar panels via the sunlight then flows via cable to a device called an inverter which converts the direct current to alternating current.

    With the inverters synchronizing the solar power and the Utility grid [ Eskom ], that power can be fed directly into your internal electrical network and save money. So for every kWh generated by the solar system, is a kWh less required from the Utility Grid [ ESKOM / Local Municipality ].

    What is my First Steps going for PV Solar

    Planning will be the first step. PV Solar Planning will require you to analyze your electricity usage. Secondly implement energy efficiency measures and decide if you want to operate your system entirely off grid or use a hybrid or grid-connected solution. Then finally select, the technologies to help you meet your objectives.

    Because your system is going to be working for the next 25 years, you need to be sure about working with a supplier that has the network, financial stability, product quality and warranties in place to maximize your investment.

    Reputation, credibility and the expertise of your renewable energy partner are fundamental to you realizing the maximum benefit from your PV investment.

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    What is the cost of PV SOLAR

    Many people believe renewable energy is too expensive without actually doing their homework. The reality is that the cost of renewable energy solutions has come down significantly over the last few years. When we take them through the costs versus the savings and the fact that their savings can even finance their move to renewable energy, most are stunned at how absolutely affordable it is. In fact, on a monthly repayment option, in many cases the monthly finance payments are covered by what they would be paying on electricity costs anyway. Once paid off, you’ll be smiling even more!

    Benefits of a PV Solar Systems

    Solar PV has a range of benefits. Systems focused primarily on savings (grid tied systems) immediately reduce your electricity bill pro rata to the size of the system you install. Back-up systems, which provide during power outages, provide clean, quiet, instant and environmentally friendly electricity when your utility lets you down. Hybrid solutions provide back-up with a measure of savings. The true benefit of Grid-tie Solar PV (focused on savings) is the fact that you are protected from future Eskom price increases. Any component of your electricity requirement covered by a solar system is in effect hedged against future tariff escalations. All indications are that South African electricity users are in transition from enjoying the lowest cost of electricity in the world ten years ago to becoming one of the highest payers.

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