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    Solar Installer Pretoria
    Solar Installer Pretoria
    Solar Installer Pretoria
    Solar Installer Pretoria





    Get off the grid Step-by-Step with SOLAR-SA Pretoria

    VANDOLPH Solar-SA Pretoria specializes in helping residential, commercial and industrial clients to get off the grid step-by-step using our renewable energy solutions and expertise.

    Established in 2016, the VANDOLPH Solar-SA and partners is the largest and most successful renewable energy franchise network in South Africa, and today stands as an icon of service excellence and perfect installations in the industry. We have a network of over 5 companies part of the VANDOLPH Solar-SA Group branches nationally, and we pride ourselves on the fact that every client across residential and commercial portfolios is a contactable reference.

    We constantly evolve our product solutions in line with new technologies, providing one of the most comprehensive renewable energy offerings for the residential and commercial sectors. Our suite of renewable energy solutions is procured only through premium, tier 1 suppliers who have the financial backing and proven reputation of standing by all product guarantees and warranties.

    Our driving business philosophy is summed up in two words – “Perfect Service”. With over 1 000+ successful installations completed over the network of companies, we are extremely proud of our proven track record and unquestionably one of the highest service levels and business ethics in the industry.

    Our renewable energy solutions and services include:

    • Photovoltaic (PV) systems (for sun to electricity generation)
    • Water heating solutions
      • Solar water heating / solar geysers
      • Heat pumps
      • Bulk water heating
    • Low energy lighting solutions (Commercial and Domestic)
    • Energy consultancy services and auditing
    • Installations and project management across residential and commercial projects.
    • Financial Support Documents
    Solar Installer Pretoria

    Benefit using VANDOLPH Solar-SA Pretoria

    With VANDOLPH SOLAR-SA Pretoria, you are choosing a partner who offers comprehensive support in the daily photovoltaic business and gives you a competitive edge.

    A full-service package
    Whether it be sales or marketing support, training sessions or technical services, SOLAR-SA Pretoria gives you everything you need. We take care of things for you.

    Over 30 years combined expertise & consistency
    As a family-run company that has been on the market for decades, we stand for stability, reliability and exemplary experience in photovoltaics. Experience that gets you results.

    The strength of a well-known brand
    Top quality and exceptionally high standards of our solar power systems ensure a positive brand image and awareness.

    Systematic Solar Power for more turnover
    Innovative, complementary quality products which meet a wide range of requirements. Smooth running Services which interact, these are just a few of the persuasive arguments for winning and retaining customers with SOLAR-SA Pretoria.

    Added value through customized support
    VANDOLPH SOLAR-SA Pretoria offers you the right support for realizing your full business potential. You will also have your very own expert contact.

    VANDOLPH Solar-SA, Top Rated Solar Installation company by the Pretoria Community.

    Find Out About our Solar Products and Solutions

    Solar Installer Pretoria

    The SOLAR-SA Pretoria Product Portfolio

    Products which meet the highest standards. Components which complement each other perfectly. This is exactly what VANDOLPH SOLAR-SA Pretoria stands for. 
    Here is an overview of the key components, system function and the product features.

    Solar Modules Pretoria
    Module [ Module top quality ]: Whether it be photovoltaic systems for homes, industry or PV power plants, the value-added modules of SOLAR-SA Pretoria are always the ideal solution.

    ✓ Perfect combination of materials and module design –  the result of over 30 years of experience
    ✓ 15-year guarantee and certified credit rating – a secure investment in the future
    ✓ Extensive inspections in production and our own laboratory – maximum reliability for the entire module life cycle

    Inverters Pretoria
    "Transformers" and more: Inverters don't just convert direct current from solar cells into alternating current. They also carry out a range of control and protective functions.

    Strong brands in our portfolio:

    ✓ Fronius – highly-functional, grid-connected inverters from Austria
    ✓ SMA – global market leader for on- and off-grid systems
    ✓ Sungrow – one of the leading industry manufacturers for PV inverters

    Storage Systems Pretoria
    Safe and durable: Solar batteries and storage systems from SOLAR-SA Pretoria reliably store the generated solar power and provide it on demand.

    Strong brands in our portfolio:

    ✓ Lead-gel batteries
    ✓ Lithium-based batteries
    ✓ Strong Reliable brands, e.g. Narada, LG Chem, BYD, PylonTech

    VANDOLPH Solar-SA, Top Solar Installer Pretoria